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Tyler and I knew of each other throughout high school, but we officially first met at a bowling alley yes, a bowling alley. We had mutual friends and fate brought us together. It was March and of course, it was raining. Starting that night, Tyler showed me his true nature, a gentleman. He offered to get my car in the rain, partly because he wanted to drive my Mustang, but we will just say it was due to his southern, gentleman charm. After that night at the bowling alley, we never wanted to pursue anything other than each other. We went on our first date on a Friday night, fell in love four weeks later, and maintained a long distance relationship for most of college until I made him move away to Fayetteville. I guess you could say our relationship flourished fairly quickly well, minus the engagement (wink, wink). Then four and a half years later he proposed. I guess Ill let Tyler explain his master plan.