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I knew I wanted to marry Marissa when we had been dating for two years. There isnt one particular thing that stands out as being the moment I knew. I would say it was a lot of things. One being that I liked the person I was with her. I became more caring and more humble. After a couple of mishaps with the wrong ring, I finally had the perfect one. Marissa had just accepted a new career and we needed to celebrate her new achievement with two of our friends and I knew this would be the perfect opportunity. If you know Marissa, she loves surprises but she also loves knowing about them, so I had to be sneaky. I hid the ring right under her nose and she never suspected anything. On a rainy December 23rd we went to look at Christmas lights and have a celebratory dinner for Marissas new job. We started taking pictures around the Christmas lights and about the second shot I dropped to one knee and asked Marissa to marry me. At first she didnt answer then she finally said yes after realizing what had happened. We then ate dinner and drank a bottle of champagne. We saved the empty bottle and we look at it every day to remind us how lucky we are to have one other. I look forward to all the years we will spend together as husband and wife.